Tea Tonic Range

Tea Tonic Range

 New Tea Tonic Range


Tea Tonic’s range of clean and healthy teas are the perfect present for friends and family to help them relax and unwind!

Founded in 1998 by naturopath and herbalist Lisa Hilbert, this proudly Australian company only uses the highest quality organic ingredients that promote good health all while tasting delicious. All herbs are freshly milled and harvested by hand with any seasonal fruits sourced from local famers.


We stock a range of Tea Tonic teas to choose from…

The Assorted Sampler contains all 33 teas that Tea Tonic create, making it the perfect introduction to their extensive range. Sit back, boil the kettle and have fun trying each of their many fun and tasty teas. If you prefer something a bit more summery, why not try the Fruity Selection sampler. This Includes Apple Tree Tea, Berry Green Tea, Blue Magic, Body Reset Tea, Bright Spark Tea, Coconut Tea, Fruity Tutti Tea, Oriental Twist Tea, Thirst Quencher, True Calm, and Warm Spicy Tea.

For the tea lovers in your life, why not give them the perfect assortment of teas with the High Tea Chest or the Grande High Tea Chest. Presented in a beautiful metal tin, select either the 33 or 64 tea bag chests that can be used to store or display your tea while keeping it nice and fresh. Included is the fun gold sugar that will add an extra element of sparkle into your daily brew.

If you’re after a special keepsake then the Musical Celebration Tin offers all the goodness of Tea Tonic’s tea blends with a stunning wind up instrumental tin. Filled with the gorgeous Celebration Tea, this magical green and butterfly pea tea is amazing both hot or cold and is full of antioxidants. The Musical Tin also comes with a stainless steel butterfly infuser and gold sugar making it an all-round perfect gift.


Tea Ware

Give the gift of a memorable afternoon with Tea Tonic’s exceptional tea wares and accessories!

From the 400ml Teapot to the 1.5 Litre TeaPot, no matter how much tea you consume, we have the perfect pot for you. Made from glass, these tea pots have a classy finish that will be sure to impress any guest or make you feel that bit more luxurious.

Keep your tea piping hot with the Stainless Steel Teapot Warmer. Simply place a tea light under and ensure every last drop of your tea is nice and warm (Perfect for use on 1.5L Teapot).

Pair your tea pot with a pair of matching Double Walled Glass Tea Cups which will enhance your tea drinking experience, keeping your tea nice and hot but the outside safely cool to the touch.

And for lovers of iced tea, the Glass Wine Bottle is the perfect way to indulge in a cold brew. Made from glass, water can be infused by your choice of tea in the refrigerator and once it’s ready to be enjoyed, simply pour into a glass and let the silicone head worry about straining any leaves away.


Give the gift of relaxation and cleansing healthy goodness with the range of teas and accessories from Tea Tonic!