Narcisse - Fragonard's Flower of the year 2023

Fragonard's Narcisse EDT in flower field

This year Fragonard’s flower of the year is Narcisse or ‘Narcissus’.

The name Narcisse is supposedly linked with the Greek mythological tale of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water and remained there until he died. In his place a white and gold flower spouted.  Though it is unclear whether the flower has any relation to the myth, the term narcissus has now come to be used in place of daffodil (a species of Narcissus).

Narcisse EDT - Flower of the Year 2023

This iconic bright springtime flower originated from the Iberian Peninsula and areas of Southern Europe including the south of France. With hues of yellow, white and even light pinks, this bulbous plant has been known since antiquity, being used in traditional medicine and echoing throughout many cultures as a symbol of rebirth and renewal transitioning from harsh wintertime to prosperous springtime.

Narcissus has long been exciting perfumers with its scent that is both sweet and heavy, like a rich bouquet of flowers. Having been inspired by such a magnificent and famous flower, Fragonard have expertly crafted a stunning fragrance that teases the soul with it’s subtle top notes of tangerine, Italian bergamot and Paraguayan petitgrain that enhances the heart of the Narcissus. This is perfectly accompanied by notes of Jasmine and Turkish rose that are all then heightened by a base of honey, wood and musk.

This scent is sure to be a favourite this year as we celebrate 2023. Fragonard offers Narcisse in a beautiful range which includes an Eau de toilette 50ml, Perfumed Soap, Gift Box of Soap and Diffuser 200ml to infuse your home.