Kobi Yamada beautiful mind

Maybe by Kobi Yamada is a must have book for all ages

Kobi Yamada is a New York Times bestselling author.  Yamada’s array of critically acclaimed gift books reveal perspectives on different aspects of life that aim for the reader to become one with the character to relate, feel and live these insights. Having been inspired by Shel Silverstein, Yamada has gone on to write countless award winning books with his 2021 book ‘Trying’ (illustrated by Melbourne’s Elise Hurst) winning him his second Christopher Award.

Maybe by Koby Yamada - best seller author by the New York Times

One of his most well-known series… the trio of ‘What Do You Do’ books are each a New York Times Bestseller in their own right. Illustrated by Mae Besom, these three books are enhanced by her stunning use of light and colour to really add depth and create visually captivating books that make the perfect gift for all ages.

The first book in the series, ‘What Do You Do With an Idea’ empowers children and is used by Yamada to encourage them to “believe in their own ideas”.

One of our most popular books, ‘Maybe’ explores the potential each person has and seeks to answer the eternal question of why we are here. Yamada’s beautiful insight into the possibilities of life is magically brought to life through Gabriella Barouch’s stunning illustrations that combine nature and realism with elements of make-believe. This book is sure to enlighten all who read it, offering a child-like lust for life that we could all do with in our lives.