The Golden “Estagnon” from Fragonard

Fragonard Estagnon perfume bottles, the history behind this big success

The Fragonard Parfumeur experience can be summed up in the splendor of the golden aluminium bottle that house their signature fragrances… also known as the ‘estagnon’. Derived from the Provençal word for tin, ‘estagnoun’, the classic golden bottle we now know and love is synonymous with the Fragonard brand.

But where did it come from you ask? Well it all started during the Second World War where a scarcity of glass meant the crafty minds at Fragonard had to come up with an alternative to their glass perfume bottles. The genius behind the golden colouring can be attributed to Emilie Fuchs, who felt a more feminine feel was needed in the presentation and storage of their scents. And as such, the hallmark golden flagon was born and has been associated with Fragonard ever since.

With its beauty comes practicality. By utilising aluminium, the perfume is protected from light given aluminium’s UV resistant qualities thus, increasing the longevity and quality of fragrance so it can be enjoyed for even longer!