About Lilac:

'Lilas' or Lilac is a type of flowering woody plant that is a member of the olive family. These gorgeous flowers bloom in spring in Southeastern Europe and beyond and are notable for their stunning light purple colour but can also come in deeper hues of indigo, white, pink and even yellows. In the  Victorian practice of Floriography or the 'Language of Flowers', Lilacs symbolise youthful innocence and first love... particularity fitting given the softness of the flowers themselves and their gentle aroma.

The scent of Lilac is best described as a delicate powdery floral fragrance that has a sweetness yet green smell.

Behind the Scent:

Aurélien Guichard is a perfumeur from Grasse and comes from a long line of perfumeurs in the region. His parents cultivate roses and jasmine which has given him an intimate knowledge and greater sensitivity to the flowers that are so revered in Grasse.

Lilas - Fragonard Eau de Toilette Olfactory pyramid

Head note: lemon, blackcurrant, linden 

Heart note: hawthorn, heliotrope, clove 

Bottom note: violet, vanilla, musk

As Lilac is a 'silent flower', the scent itself cannot be captured therefore it must be recreated in the lab using memory. Guichard's fondness of the majestic Lilac as well as his fine tuned olfactory senses have allowed him to create a fragrance that highlights the soft beauty of this evasive scent.

Eau de Toilette 50ml

Fragonard is celebrating Lilac in 2024. A symbol of springtime freshness, its invigorating, green and delicately powdery fragrance unveils a floral heart with harmonies of spices. Its base notes, conjuring up vanilla and musk, pay homage to this opulent flower’s warm and sensual side.

Diffuser 200ml

This diffuser subtly perfumes your interior, sharing the lilac's delicate floral notes in the air. This soft and powdery fragrance creates such a beautiful aroma that is gentle yet enchanting.

Soap 140g

Made using Fragonard's traditional ancestral savoir-fair, this divine perfumed soap glorifies the luxury of the majestic Lilac.

Soap Gift Box 3x75g

This stunning set of 3 sculpted soaps makes for the perfect gift or little treat for yourself. Give the gift of luxury this year with Fragonard's flower of the year.

Soap Dish

This glass soap dish decorated with the flower of the year combines both aesthetics and functionality.


Mini Gift Set

The sculpted soap scented with Lilas is luxurious and elegant to experience the fragrance. The sample of the Lilas Eau de Toilette provides a great way to experience the fragrance before committing to a full bottle. 75g soap & 5ml EDT

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