Finska - The Perfect Game for Spring!

Finska is an ancient Finnish log throwing game that has been revived by Planet Finska in Australia back in 2009. With world championships held yearly in Lahti, Finland as well as tournaments globally... Finska is no small game.


Players2-8 (can play individually or as teams)

Set up: set the 12 pins in a tight group as shown below

Then set the mark 3-4 meters away from pins. This is where players will throw from

How to playplayers take it in turns to underarm throw the ‘Finska’ (log) at the pins with the aim, like bowling, to knock them down. 

After each throw the score is determined and added to that person/teams tally. (If new tally exceeds 50 then it automatically drops back to 25) 

Before the next player takes their turn, the fallen pins are placed upright when they lie - the idea being that the pins spread as the game continues. 

To win: A person / team must score exactly 50 points 

A person / team is eliminated if they score 0 on 3 consecutive tries

Scoring system

Multiple Pins: Player scores 1 point per pin knocked down eg: 8 pins over = 8 points 

Single Pin: Player scores points marked on the pin eg: the 4 pin is knocked over = 4 points


NOTE: Pins must be fully flat to count as knocked over


Planet Finska Original Finska in Carry Bag

Finska is crafted from durable, eco-friendly birch, and comes with everything you need to become a Finska master. Includes durable zip up carry bag, twelve numbered pins, one official throwing log, easy to understand rule-sheet, plus reusable score card. Dimensions: 15cm x 6cm (Numbered Pins), 22cm x 5.5cm (Official Throwing Log) Finska is suitable for ages 7+.