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Environmentally Friendly Drink Bottle
Based in Melbourne, Memobottle is a Flat water bottle designed to fit in your bag and reduce single use plastic consumption. Made from Tritan Plastic, these bottles are lightweight, durable, easy to clean and free from BPA and BPS. All Memobottle products are dishwasher safe and can handle temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius.



Protective Sleeves

Personalise your bottle and protect it from scratches with a colourful soft silicone cover or vegan leather.
sleeves collaboration and sustainability

Give the gift of hydration with Memobottle. By Partnering with, each Memobottle purchase provides 5 months of safe water to someone who needs it most making these bottles that little bit more special! Since 2014, Memobottle have provided over 33.8 million days of clean water, and diverted 200+ million single-use bottles from landfill