Claris - The Chicest Mouse is Paris!


About Claris:

She may be small, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in having big dreams and an even bigger heart!

Follow Claris as she embarks on adventures in the wide world where no matter the challenge she faces, she manages to overcome them with courage and of course style. The story of Claris holds themes of being brave, finding meaningful friendships and pursuing your dreams; making these tales perfect for young or old.

AUTHOR - Megan Hess
From a career in graphic design to illustrating New York Times Best Seller ' Sex and the City' in 2006 and doing campaigns for FENDI, Prada, Cartier and many more, Hess has no shortage of creativity and success. Today, she is one of the most sought after fashion illustrators so it should come as no surprise that Claris is naturally the chicest mouse in all of Paris!


Claris - The Chicest Mouse in Paris

Full of dreams to pursue fashion, Claris moves to Paris, the city of style... Only, upon arrival she is met by a mean cat standing between her and all her dreams. Can she use her charm, wit and style to make her dreams come true?


Claris - The Secret Crown

The card has no address but it has a secret clue... a golden crown.
Super sleuth Claris knows just what to do, with best friend Monsieur join her on an adventure in London in search of a secret exclusive club.


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