Building your Winter Perfume Wardrobe

Building your Winter Perfume Wardrobe

Winter Perfume Wardrobe

As we welcome in the cooler months, now is the time to choose your winter fragrance wardrobe by incorporating warm and woody notes to combat the cold season. 

Warm and spicy is at the heart of a good winter fragrance with the chilly air slowing down the evaporation rate of scents meaning light summery notes get lost and don’t project as well.

By delving into the base notes of different perfumes, you can ensure that your fragrance lasts this winter and will leave a trail of desire behind you.

There is nothing quite like finding your own personal signature scent.

If you’re searching for a subtle winter change but still love the florals of a summer perfume then this season Fragonard has you covered –


Belle de Grasse Eau de toilette 100ml

This warm fragrance will transport you along the French Riviera, with its heart of Orange and Mimosa.  The base of Heliotrope and Musk is where the magic of this fragrance really shines through and it rests beautifully on the botanic sweetness of the Heliotrope which is magnified by the warmth of the Musk, making Belle De Grasse perfect for cooler climate this winter.

Beau de Provence Eau de toilette 100ml

For a deeper and more masculine scent, Beau De Provence holds seductive and intense warmth thank’s to its deep woody base of Vetiver and Sandalwood.

This unisex fragrance is the very definition of a strong and robust winter perfume, with its tart top notes of Grapefruit combined with an irresistible duo of Fig and Bergamot.  The heart of this fragrance is Mint, Basil and Ylang-Ylang which rests upon a woody backdrop of Cedar, Patchouli,  Sandalwood and Vetiver. 

For the nighttime

Maybe choose something from the Fragonard Classics range. Frivole perfume by Fragonard offers a cheerful and vibrant fragrance that is sure to brighten up any night out. This perfume blooms with the majesty of Jasmine and Peony.

The white Floral notes are enhanced by the powdery and musky base notes of Musk, Iris and Patchouli with the refreshing citrus top notes giving this winter fragrance a lighter and more sustaining scent with the Perfume available in 30ml or 60ml to ensure this enchanting scent lasts until the early hours.

Make a statement

If it’s a lasting impression you’re aspiring to make then Grain De Soleil is the perfect provocative fragrance with its spicy and oriental notes to complete its charm. The exotic incense of Cinnamon and Rose are heightened by the intoxicating Jasmine which lays upon a base of warm Vanilla and Patchouli creating a decadent perfume.

The true hero of this fragrance is the warm, powdery and spicy notes which are sure to turn heads anywhere you go and forges this mysteriously alluring scent.

If you’re just beginning your fragrance journey or a self diagnosed fragrance addict, a fragrance by Fragonard Parfumer is an essential when curating your fragrance wardrobe.


Voyage to the far east with Patchouli, a woody fragrance that is reminiscent of a trip through romantic spice markets.

The top notes of Ginger and Petit Grain begin this enchanting scent with a strong kick that is mellowed by the heart of Patchouli which triumphs within this perfume.

The delicate touches of Caraway and Rose bolster the warmth of the Patchouli with the foundation of Cedar, Tonka and Musk enveloping the Patchouli in a cosy blanket to finish off this winter wonder.


Feeling Oriental

Continuing the journey east, Reve Indien explores the opulence of the east through this olfactory adventure.

This strong oriental fragrance offers touches of citrus in the Lemon and Bergamot top notes which are amplified by the sweet heart of Iris, Rose and Jasmine.

To complete this rich perfume, the bed of Patchouli, Vanilla and Benzoin offer that needed warmth that round off this captivating fragrance.

Trust the process

Building your Fragrance wardrobe will not happen overnight, however, building off the seasons is a great way to start your fragrance adventure.

Whether it’s your first time delving into the world of perfume or you’ve lost count, Fragonard’s range offers a variety of quality, boutique, fragrances that you or your recipient will forever love.